Sisters’ Senior Pictures // 4.8.17

I wanted to share a few of the senior photos I took for my sisters last fall. I cannot believe they are graduating high school in a few months! I still remember them in pigtails and heart-shaped sunglasses and matching overall jumpers, singing B-I-N-G-O on our couch in Minnesota. It has been a blessing to grow up with them, being their big sister and having so many inside jokes and loving so many of the same things. I’m so thankful God gave them to my family.

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Birthday Weekend // 23

Last Friday I turned 23 years old. 23! That sounds so much older than 22 did. haha I had to work all day Friday, but then I went home that night and had my birthday supper and dessert and opened presents with my family. Then on Sunday afternoon we drove to Ann Arbor, per my birthday request, to explore and shop and wander the cute little streets. Here are just a *few* photos from the day. 🙂


Emily and Stephen // Couple Session

I am so excited to be finally blogging my first couple session!! 🙂 Emily and Stephen kept me laughing throughout the whole shoot with their crazy dance moves and jokes. They were a joy to photograph, because I got to capture their true selves and a lot of candid moments. Emily warned me before the shoot that I would have to help them because they tend to be awkward, but I mostly let them snuggle and interact with each other and the end results are pretty darn cute, if I must say so myself. 😉